AltaSierraBotanica hemp essential oil (terpenes)

Cannabis Sativa (EU-Hemp) essential oil in various qualities. We stock regularly different productions from specialty producers adding to own stock.


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Highly potent hemp infusion bees wax, re-vitalized with essential oil. The extra beneficial substances pushes synergies between hemp cannabinoids and essential oils (terpenes).

From our magnificent fields in the high sierra comes this speciality hemp. With classical alchemical tradition we produce by hand this unique premium purely natural hemp based cosmetic.

Comes in 15ml, 60ml and 90 ml


Hemp essential oil organic (not certified)- Polish Bialobrzeskie variety 1,437.00 €/L

Hemp essential oil organic (not certified) – Spanish Futura 75 variety 1870,00€/L

Hemp essential oil organic (not certified) – Futura/Felina mix Spanish variety 1690,00€/L

Hemp essential oil organic (not certified) -mix Slovenian variety 1890,00€/L excl VAT

Hemp essential oil organic (not certified) – Swiss variety Walizer Queen @ 2590,-€/L

Hemp essential oil, Spanish certified organic @ 3900,-€/L

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 cm

15ml, 60ml, 90ml


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